Sunday, 15 March 2009

Plinky's prompts

The majority of you responded quite well to plinky's prompts. We will definitely be using plinky again! Some of you still make spelling mistakes that could be easily avoided if you proofread your texts. However, generally speaking I am satisfied with your work. So, here are the best plinky answers. Well done guys!

erica gomes

My favorite room is my bedroom.My bedroom is black and pink because they are my favorites colors.In my bedroom, I have my laptop, my tv, my bed and some more things.I love my bedroom because it's place where I have almost everything I need and it's place where I can be alone. I have many photos in my bedroom,some in frames, but many are in my door, I love photos, they remember me good moments.I love my bed because are very comfortable and I love sleep.My bedrom are very important for me because in my bedroom I fell good and comfortable :)

Recommend a movie for a friend stuck on the couch with a cold.

The city of New York expected a major storm all ends with a big flood and the beginning of a new ice age.

This movie is perfect for convalescing people because it's very interesting and beautiful.

Joana`s page

Mostly because it's a happy film. Personally I love this movie because of the music and the singers. Also because it speaks of a group of young people entering the world of music. I like the Jonas Brothers and the clothes that they wear in the film.

My favourite movie!

My favourite movie!

I really liked this movie because it's cool, and portraits a rebel girl. In the end the movie has a moral lesson- you mustn't give up on your dreams!

plinky's prompts

Well, this book was and is significant for me, because it shows me that love isn't only roses without the thorns and sometimes people like me and kelly Ann (a character) are in love with... well, wonderfull guys, but externally, because inside themselves, they just are completely selfish, self-centered, gross and more bad things...

A day without cell phone"

Have you gone a day without your cell phone?

Being without my phone is horrible! I am very dependent on my phone, because i need to do something all the time, and when i'm not in classes (or doing something) I like to talk with somebody (by sms or calling).

If I could tame a wild animal

I choose an otter because an animal is very funny, fun and sweet, with their acrobatic at sea. In the midst of so many stunts and tricks, the otters can fun me. I would like to have it at home for me to amuse me to see them and receive all their sweetness.

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