Sunday, 15 March 2009

Game Review

Thank you for playing the games guys. Hope you learnt something from them. Here are some of your reviews.

Extra Job - Commentary on games

The game that I like more is “Stop Disasters” because I think it’s more interesting and more educational. “WaterBusters” is cute and I enjoyed him a lot but I lost in second level. I don’t like the game “The Laser Challenge” because the questions are boring, but I learned a lot with him. The game that took the load was more it’s “WaterBusters” and the faster is “Stop Disasters”. The game that has better graphics is "Stop Disasters" but I like the graphics of "WaterBusters" too. I liked to play.


My favourite game is “Stop Disasters” because we learn a lot with it, it’s educational and it’s the most interesting of all! It doesn’t take very time to load the game, the graphics are very good and it’s very easy to play! I don’t like “The laser challenge” because it’s no funny and it’s a little bit boring! The game “Water Busters” it’s a good too because it’s educational and it helps the people that spends too many water!You can play " Stop Disasters" in this site:

The Laser Challenge

I picked The Game The Laser Challenge because it was what I found most interesting, the questions about lasers are minimally accessible and can learn certain things about this subject. This game play is a play we know we need to get things and get points in this case we still have to answer questions about the laser. The Game does not take long to load, the graphics are acceptable.


WaterBusters was my favorite game because it addresses a very important aspect, ''save water".It's easy to game, because it has a good image resolution, game's idea is objective (find solutions for water problems). Auxiliary Buttons are there for help (subtitles, balloons of explanation which tell us what we may do and suggests good alternatives).I choose this game mainly because I took it was simple and others, while also forward important ideas, were more complex.

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